Mimico Hood App

  • ClientPersonal Project
  • RoleUX/UI Designer
  • MediaSketch, After Effects


The task was to create an app that helps users to learn more interesting facts about a certain neighborhood and its most famous attractions using the main principles of Material Design.


Before starting UX process, my task was to develop a logotype that will be recognizable and will reflect all user expectations. I collected some data about the neighborhood, took pictures and found out that the area has a lot of distinguishing marks that can be used in the final logo.

Mimico Hood is famous for its parks (green dots instead of "C" letter stand for three green areas), waterfront condos (stylized first "I" letter), lighthouses (stylized second "I" letter), and an enormous amount of coffee shops with delicious bagels and donuts.

I identified app's target users as people who recently moved to the area and visitors who want to learn more about various artistic neighborhoods. After series of user interviews and persona creation, I highlighted the main expectations and features users want to have in the app.

A key finding was that users want the app to be their so called survival guide in unknown place that will also support the excitement of finding new places, dining, and shopping.

I moved to low fidelity wireframes for further exploration of the layout and visual hierarchy of UI elements.

After putting my wireframes in front of users I received positive feedback about main options, and organization of screens.

I see Canada as a dynamic and highly diverse country, and I wanted to bring these qualities to the app design. Each section is colored differently and has its unique icon and feel.

For the final design solution, I used the Material Design palette and thoroughly followed the Material Design guidelines.